The daily life of skits and the making of my story.



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Now comes the tough part I have to make it down. What to do what to do. Im screwed without my paper towels. Like this:Like Loading…



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Man my head hearts! Like this:Like Loading…

easy does it

Easy does it!

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After lookin around I found some vines to shimmy down on. Makin my way down under the canopy. I spent some time explorin the deserted city in ruins. What a cool fun place. Like this:Like Loading…

on the move

On the move!

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After explorin for a while I decided to push on. It looks like a fire over that mountain maybe I’ll find someone? Like this:Like Loading…



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Makin my way through the jungle was a lot of fun. New creatures and plants that I could have never imagined in my life. once I was on top the mountain I could see a village along side a creak with a bridge to take me across. Comin down the mountain was a lot easier […]

story time

Story time!

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Its stories! Stories are the one thing that define our existence. It spreads our life time from a few decades to centuries. They wanted to know all about me. Even though I am a worthless homeless person to my world there I was a wealth of information and story tellin. They wanted to know everything. […]

up and over

On foot!

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We told stories all through the night. They asked me how long I had been there. I said days but was not sure. The older of them seemed puzzled by this. It was not right they said. I had to go home. I had been there far to long and it wasn’t safe. I didn’t […]


On the farm!

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So, the last week here on the farm(crazy house) has been a little……. Well crazy. I lost all internet access. Why? It might amaze some of yall to know that when one person does something wrong everyone gets punished. A woman here last monday decided she had enough. She without warnin hoped up off the […]

im on a boat

Im on a boat!

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How did I get here? Last time I posted there I was wonderin through the jungle. Now, I am on a ship high above a city about to set sail to some other part of the planet. It was real easy actually. I saw what looked like traffic. Giant air ships in the distant all […]



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Some one asked me the other day if I had any friends. anyone I could talk to confide in help me through all the craziness. I had one constant through all of this and one friend in this world and the other. BOOT! Everywhere I went boot was right there with me. Right now I […]