On foot!

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We told stories all through the night. They asked me how long I had been there. I said days but was not sure. The older of them seemed puzzled by this. It was not right they said. I had to go home. I had been there far to long and it wasn’t safe. I didn’t understand. To me it was just a dream. They said I would be found and then everyone would be in danger. They can’t find out were we come from. How do I go home? How do I wake from a dream that won’t end? There was a place. Far away on a distant planet. They could send me home. Perplexed, I ask how would I do that. I had to make it to the space port and find a way off planet.

Oh you have no idea how excited I was to here I could travel to another planet. My dream just stepped it up a notch. That next mornin I was out like a gay man at a pride parade.

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