cock on head

Access Granted!

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skits is now allowed to communicate with the world.


No more hair!

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The very first thang they did to me was cut off my hair. I was very mad. Soon I would believe it held me down. Was not able to go back. Again the mind does strange things to us. Like this:Like Loading…

on a walk

On a walk.

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It was very fun at first. I had these fantastic dreams were anything was possible. Manipulation of basic things was a everyday activity in my dreams. It was a new world and I wanted to explore it. The weird part was it was not just a bunch of random dreams. Each new dream I had […]



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Very few people ever get the chance to explore a place were no one else has ever been. I had a world. Like this:Like Loading…

in the butt

In the butt!

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There are certain parts of my story that I want to talk about that are still to close to home. Will just leave you with this image. Like this:Like Loading…

Mr chair

Mr Chair

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Old Chair. Boy should I have listened to you. These people have no Idea what I have done. I just hope Im dead before they find me. Like this:Like Loading…



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While flyin I saw some of the most wonderful things. I can not tell ya just how much fun it is to fly like a bird. Oh and by the way if you want to fly in your dreams all you need is a roll of paper towels. Like this:Like Loading…

hit poll

What goes up must come down.

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What goes up must come down. There I was havin the time of my life flyin with the birds. I then saw something that interested me. Old ruins. Not like the Mayan or Egyptian megalithic ruins. But a modern city that looks ruined and aged by hundreds of years. It was so interestin to me. […]

look out

Look out

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So you are flyin through the air and all of sudden you crash land your face into a road sign. Once you get your wits about you it becomes clear I was better off not landin. How the hell do you get down from up here? And why is there a road sign way up […]



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Now comes the tough part I have to make it down. What to do what to do. Im screwed without my paper towels. Like this:Like Loading…