On the farm!

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So, the last week here on the farm(crazy house) has been a little……. Well crazy. I lost all internet access. Why? It might amaze some of yall to know that when one person does something wrong everyone gets punished. A woman here last monday decided she had enough. She without warnin hoped up off the […]



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Some one asked me the other day if I had any friends. anyone I could talk to confide in help me through all the craziness. I had one constant through all of this and one friend in this world and the other. BOOT! Everywhere I went boot was right there with me. Right now I […]


First thangs first!

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The very first thang I need to do is get a rough outline of my whole story. Done!┬áNext is writing the script. Done with chapter one. Now I’m workin on chapter two. The hardest part about all this is working in a strait jacket. Not easy. They are are hard press to let me out. […]


Character Turnarounds!

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In order to create order and continuity in my story I need to have references for drawing things the same all the time. First step character turnarounds. Working on skits turnarounds. Do you know how hard it is to get a ruler in this place? Like this:Like Loading…

Turn Around

Full skits turnaround.

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Done with my skits turnaround. Writin and doin turnarounds for all my peeps. Like this:Like Loading…