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Some one asked me the other day if I had any friends. anyone I could talk to confide in help me through all the craziness. I had one constant through all of this and one friend in this world and the other. BOOT! Everywhere I went boot was right there with me.

Right now I believe they have Boot locked up somewheres.

im on a boat

Im on a boat!

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How did I get here? Last time I posted there I was wonderin through the jungle. Now, I am on a ship high above a city about to set sail to some other part of the planet. It was real easy actually. I saw what looked like traffic. Giant air ships in the distant all comin from the same place also ships where headin that way. I followed and here I am. That easy. Except, I am suppose to keep an eye out for rips in the balloon canopy and birats. They said, they’ll invade your ship and kill everyone. Strange bisexual maraudin rats? Who knew?

Maybe they meant pirates?…………


On the farm!

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So, the last week here on the farm(crazy house) has been a little……. Well crazy. I lost all internet access. Why? It might amaze some of yall to know that when one person does something wrong everyone gets punished.
A woman here last monday decided she had enough. She without warnin hoped up off the couch and stabbed the guy across from her in the neck with a pencil. Needless to say we have been on lock down. I have had no pencils or paper most the week. I should be able to post somethin this weekend. Let me tell you strange things happen on the farm. Ill have to put some of those stories on here from time to time. Any way next post back to the story.
A special thanks to my cousin in the real world for sharing my page on her page.

up and over

On foot!

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We told stories all through the night. They asked me how long I had been there. I said days but was not sure. The older of them seemed puzzled by this. It was not right they said. I had to go home. I had been there far to long and it wasn’t safe. I didn’t understand. To me it was just a dream. They said I would be found and then everyone would be in danger. They can’t find out were we come from. How do I go home? How do I wake from a dream that won’t end? There was a place. Far away on a distant planet. They could send me home. Perplexed, I ask how would I do that. I had to make it to the space port and find a way off planet.

Oh you have no idea how excited I was to here I could travel to another planet. My dream just stepped it up a notch. That next mornin I was out like a gay man at a pride parade.

story time

Story time!

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Its stories! Stories are the one thing that define our existence. It spreads our life time from a few decades to centuries. They wanted to know all about me. Even though I am a worthless homeless person to my world there I was a wealth of information and story tellin. They wanted to know everything.



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Makin my way through the jungle was a lot of fun. New creatures and plants that I could have never imagined in my life. once I was on top the mountain I could see a village along side a creak with a bridge to take me across. Comin down the mountain was a lot easier than goin up I found a path that walked me right down to it. Once I started headin across the bridge all sorts of strange lookin people started comin out to greet me.

on the move

On the move!

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After explorin for a while I decided to push on. It looks like a fire over that mountain maybe I’ll find someone?

easy does it

Easy does it!

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After lookin around I found some vines to shimmy down on. Makin my way down under the canopy. I spent some time explorin the deserted city in ruins. What a cool fun place.



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Man my head hearts!



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Now comes the tough part I have to make it down. What to do what to do. Im screwed without my paper towels.

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